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Binking Fox by Mizu-okami Binking Fox :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 3
For fun
For deviantART's 12th birthday, the staff decided to throw a creepy surprise party for Fella. They gathered at Fella's favorite restaurant, The Fancy Bear, with presents in hand. Llama brought Fella to the door and once they stepped in, all of the staff screamed, "Meow!" Fella was so shocked that he instantly barked . He opened his presents to find that Llama had given him 12 cookies. He was amazed! He would never forget that night.
:iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 4 4
Mathew App
Full Name: Mathew Michael
Age: 13
Height: 4'10
Body build/weight: chubby, hes not skinny but hes not fat. 140
Personality: He will help anyone who's in need. He seems like a loner because he mostly read books or playing his violin by himself because hes really shy.
Background:  He grew up with his father since his mother passed away when he was a 6 year old. His father played the violin to make Mathew happy when he was upset. He always love watching his father play the violin since that was his job. They traveled around a lot so Mathew didn't make friends, he was going to leave soon so why would he try to if he's just going to leave them anyway. Mathew always been close to his father since he was his only friend. When his father has to work late, Mathew would look through the photo album when he felt lonely or sad. He learned how to play the violin from his father but he doesn't think he's go
:iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 6
Usagi pic by Mizu-okami Usagi pic :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 15
What I do isn't perfect
enough for you.
Why do I keep on trying,
trying to get "that's great"
out of you.
I'm tried of trying
I'm giving up on trying
I'm not good enough
in your eyes,
In your eyes
I'm just ok,nothing
but useless to you.
that's how I feel
when i look in your eyes.
:iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 5 12
Shadow avatar by Mizu-okami Shadow avatar :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 2 4 A island by Mizu-okami A island :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 3 0 A tree by Mizu-okami A tree :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 2 36 background.i guess by Mizu-okami background.i guess :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 0 Application for Drake Academy by Mizu-okami Application for Drake Academy :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 3 252 Usageh by Mizu-okami Usageh :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 4 21
I can't escape
by the past,memorize
pain and the lies
Some people
break those chain's
I do too
but i look back
and they grab me
more and more
chains hold me back
and i can't
break free
I'm like
a caged bird..
trapped in the darkness
that cant escape
:iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 11
Usagi ID.if she want it by Mizu-okami Usagi ID.if she want it :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 4 Kazz4 ID.if he wants it by Mizu-okami Kazz4 ID.if he wants it :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 2 0 ID by Mizu-okami ID :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 1 20 Cloudy day by Mizu-okami Cloudy day :iconmizu-okami:Mizu-okami 3 24

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Part 1 Enter The Vampire World
Arashi wandered the streets, as usual * Hmm.... * He was pretty bored today* Madeleine was at the door of her doll shop waving goodbye to another of her customers. "thank you have a nice day". Hmm.... * Arashi saw Madeleine. He had been to her shop several times before, to pick up dolls for his little sister, Nanako. * ... Maybe I should pay her a visit. Madeleine went back into her shop as she began organizing her dolls and started singing *listen my child you say to me I am the voice of your history". Arashi walked up to the shop but doesn't go in yet, and listens to her sing. "She has the voice of an angel". *Be not afraid..come follow me answer my call and I'* she held that note as she continued singing while organizing her dolls. The male smiled and scratched the back of his head "......". While Madeleine was singing she caught a glimpse of someone at her door. She then placed her dolls down and walked over to the door as she slowly opened the door "who cou
:icondemonstardust:demonstardust 3 4
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A flower for you, for me
                                             A flower for you, for me
"He loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not..." the small purple pokemon said as she carefully plucked each petal off of the delicate daisy, one of the pokemon's favorite types of flowers. Beside her were several petals as well as stems with a single petal of them, evidence of previous plucking and failure for her goal.
"He loves me...he loves me not...he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me......................he loves me not..." The sableye's ears drooped as she looked at the accusing petal on the stem, she sighed as a tear came from her eye, she sat there, staring at the once beautiful flower, now just an ugly petal on and equally ugly stem. She sat there for several mi
:iconbehindtgs-biggestfan:BehindtGs-biggestFAN 4 24
South Park : sister by sujk0823 South Park : sister :iconsujk0823:sujk0823 998 69



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So Cool!

Thu Jan 19, 2012, 1:22 AM

It's so cool that today they gave everyone a free Membership for the day! its so sweet too ^^

I might send a other journal later X3 Just wanted to say Hi! to everyone and hope everyone is cool and having fun.  Also i haven't wrote one is a long while... ^^;

Sorry if i spam you with journals or polls. just excited ^^

Thanks for reading! :iconbowplz:

  • Listening to: Silent Hill 2 music
  • Reading: math H.W
  • Drinking: coffee


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United States
I love everything thing.
I hate everything thing.

Favorite genre of music: all kind
Favorite style of art: All kind. they're all pretty!
Wallpaper of choice: changes every time from anime to pictures from DA
Favorite cartoon character: It changes a lot from different movies to shows




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